An Introduction

Capital Advisors offers fee-cum-commission (based on AuM) based financial planning services – a relatively new concept in India. Till recently, financial planning was virtually non-existent in India. Individuals planned for their future by buying insurance policies, putting money away in fixed deposits or in post office schemes. Only a small segment (less than 5 per cent of the population) invested in the stock market. Mutual funds were launched in India only recently – in the 1990s. Today, there are a plethora of investment opportunities before individuals. However, due to lack of knowledge, people often end up putting their money in the wrong instruments. In urban India, most individuals buy insurance policies, put money in their PPF account or invest in NSCs and (to a much smaller extent) and invest in mutual funds in order to save income tax.

This is where the role of a Investment Advisor comes in. Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one financial plan can’t fit all. At Capital Advisors, we understand your lifestyle, your earnings, responsibilities, assets and liabilities and create a financial plan that is unique to you.

The  result - a complete understanding of your personal profile that will serve  as  the  foundation for defining a long-term investment strategy tailored to your specific needs and preferences and not just catering to your ‘tax planning’ requirements (u/s 80C).

Our philosophy is designed to achieve long-term investment goals, and is based on the following core principles:

   1. Identify your unique needs, goals and objectives

   2. Build an asset allocation roadmap

   3. Formulate a plan and portfolio selection

  4. Continuous portfolio monitoring.

We educate our clients so that with time they are more focused on achieving their goals  and  objectives  along with the financial advisor, instead of relying blindly on the latter.

Our fee-based approach is designed to eliminate conflicts of interest. It results in unbiased and honest advice. Money isn’t everything, but having control and confidence about how you are managing it can allow you to concentrate on other things like your family, your career, and your future. We believe that all your dreams are achievable and we look to partnering you so that you can live your dreams !

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