Why should you go for ‘paid’ advice?

Especially, when so many relatives, colleagues and other distributor-friends and insurance agents are offering advice for free and are also ‘passing back’ a portion of their earnings to you, a lot of our clients ask us this question. The answer to this lies in just one simple maxim: “There is no free lunch in life”. What appears as free advice from a Samaritan is probably the worst. Often, distributors sell the ‘wrong’ mutual fund and insurance agents sell the ‘wrong’ insurance policy, without really understanding your financial goals. They sell you these products for a simple reason – they get the maximum commission on these products. Alternatively, they could be under pressure to meet their targets.

Our approach is very different. We examine your financial needs, your responsibilities, study your assets and liability and income flow and then draw up a financial plan that is tailor-made for you. This is what is referred to as financial planning. The financial planner will spend considerable time with you to understand the financial side of your life. And the fee is for this service rendered, which is unique and for your betterment. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.

Why I can not make my own financial plan?

Of course you can. It’s not that you can’t, but the real issue is - do you have the time and knowledge to plan, execute and maintain your own financial plans? Whether you are self-employed or working for a company, once you enter office, there is every probability that work takes precedence over everything else. By the end of the day, one is too tired to think of personal investments. Week-ends are reserved for leisure and family, and before you know it is Monday morning again. Time flies by and its only when there is a compulsion to make the investment for tax-saving purposes, does any action take place. The result - unplanned and spur of the moment decisions with little care and concern about their future implications.

If you are capable of avoiding this. Sure thing. Go ahead and make your plans. Because finally, it is in your own benefit to make sure that all goes as planned.

What services I can expect once I sign up as client to Capital Advisors?

Recognizing that your time is valuable, Capital Advisors tailors its services to help you save time through-out the planning process. Some of the unique features we offer are:

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